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Guitar Player Licks And Lessons – табулатуры:

15 Binge By Buckethead April 1992
15 Second Waltz By John Stowell January 1997
 A 70s Funk Lesson
A Great And Terrible Plan
A Jazzy Turnaround Bugs Henderson December 1995
A Poppin Prelude By Ray Flacke August 1995
A Slippery Slider By Paul Black January 1997
Adrian Smith’s Guitar Lessons
Begines Manual
Blast Furnace Blues By Michael Hill January 1997
Brazilian Fingerstyle Patterns By Tim Sparks February 1995
BrazilianVamps And Turnarounds By Tim Sparks October 1995
Colossal Voicings By John Stowell February 1995
Contemporary Guitar
Contrapunto Para Seis Cuerdas By Robert Phillips April 1996
Converging Scales By Andy Ellis January 1997
Deep Drone
Destroy All Monsters By Jesse Gress & James Rotondi november 1996
Double-Stop This By Steve Trovato August 1995
El Flamenco Vivo De Carlos Montoya Por Guillermo Juan Christie April 1996
Elements Of Cheese By Joe Gore june 1996
Exploring Extended Arpeggios By James Murphy July 1995
Fast Fingered Guitar Excersises 1
Fast Monstrous Tapping
Fiery Fandango Breaks By Guillermo Juan Christie june 1993
Freddie King In The Open By Dave Rubin May 1994
Got To The Farewell Blues By Arlen Roth June 1993
Hands Bn Ways Means Happy Endings By Rik Emmett july 1992
Head-Turning Cascades By Steve Trovato February 1995
Hey Hey Hey Dont Sue Us
Hotrod Jazz By Andy Ellis November 1994
Hybrid Picking Puzzle By Ray Flacke December 1995
Jammin With Dr Funkenstein By Joe Gore April 1996
Jimmy Hendrix Rythm Guitarist
Just Do It By Adrian Legg November 1994
Kenny Wayne Shepherd By Jesse Gress January 1998
Kill Your Own Licks
Lick Of The Month By Jerry Jensen August 1995
Lick Of The Month By The Mambo King December 1995
Lick Of The Month Chromatic Triplets October 1995
Love Or Conrusion By Tim Sparks January 1997
Love Theme From Bambi Meets Godzilla
Meeting Of The Firebird Spirits Larry Chaney January 1997
Melody Magic
Merle Travis Meets Philip Glass
Morphing An African Llulaby
New Shades Of Blues By Vernon Reid February 1995
No Hurdles String Skipping Deluxe By Frank Gambale January 1995
Odd Meter By Tim Sparks November 1994
Organ Trio Blues By Grant Green Jr October 1995
Ouch By Rik Emmett December 1994
Outside By Jon Finn november 1994 
Play It Cool
Play It Loud And Proud Jhon Christ January 1997
Playing Mbira Guitar By Banning Eyre december 1994
Power Rhythm By Jorma Kaukonen April 1992
Punch & Beauty By Nuno Bettencourt February 1995
Radical Rasgueados
Rockabilly Bass Patterns
Rockin Rhythm
Satchs Guitar Secret 104 By Joe Satriani July 1995
Shortcuts To Reading Chords Charts By Chris Standring december 1994
Simple Tremolo Exercise
Sonic Shapes By Jesse Gress January 1997
Soukous Chimurenga Mbaqanga And More
Split Brain Polymetres By Dusan Bognadovic July 1995
Steel Blues
Stomp It GOOD By Phil Keaggy January 1997
Stormy Monday
STRATOSPHERIC By Eric Johnson May 1996
Strumming Practice And Open Chord Progression
Synthetic Exotica By James Murphy October 1995
Terrifying Guitar 101
The Fiddle Shuffle
The Hot Rod Tremolo By Robert Phillips October 1996
The Right Hand Of Adrian Legg I By Joe Gore May 1993
The Right Hand Of Adrian Legg II By Joe Gore May 1993
The Right Hand Of Adrian Legg III By Joe Gore May 1993
The Soukous Secret By David Burk November 1996
The Spider Crawl
The Spirit Of Pops Staples By Jim Weider November 1996
Three For One Special By Mike Hickey November 1995
Tico Tico Howard Morgen July 1989
Trabajando Como Holdsworth By Mike Hickey April 1996
Trans-Pseudo-Psycho-Rythmic Phenomena
Trash & Grind Patterns By Mike Hickey April 1995
Travis Picking
 Voodoo Style (Slight Return) Paul Gilbert October 1991
Waves Of Dispair
Who How By Pene Townshend February 1995
Wring Out The Ring by Bill Frisell January 1997
Yoga Handz

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